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ViewNew View

Opens another window with the same presentation loaded so you can work on more than one slide at a time.

ViewNormal (Ctrl+F5) ViewNotes (Ctrl+F6) ViewSlides Sorter (Ctrl+F7)

Switch with these actions between the view modes Normal, where you edit slides, Notes, which shows a slide preview with a textbox for your annotations for the actual slide and the Slides Sorter view, where you can rename, cut, copy and paste slides and arrange them for your presentation.

ViewShow Master Slides (Ctrl+F8)

Toggle the display of the slide master where you can put objects that you want to appear on each slide in your presentation.

ViewShow Grid

If enabled, Calligra Stage will display a grid of dots representing the intersections of imaginary horizontal and vertical lines. You can use these dots to precisely position objects on the slide.

View Snap to Grid

If this is enabled, when dropping or moving objects on the slide the top left corner of the object will snap or move, to the nearest grid point.

This does reduce your freedom to freely position objects on the slide, however it also helps to line up objects precisely. It is easily disabled or enabled with this menu entry, allowing you the best of both worlds.

ViewShow Guides

When working in Calligra Stage you can drag a guide line from either the horizontal or vertical ruler onto your document. This guide-line will not print or display in the finished presentation, it is simply to help you align objects on screen. If this item is enabled, these guide lines will be visible. If this is disabled, they will not be visible.

Guide lines work across slides, allowing you to align objects the same way across multiple slides.

Disabling (hiding) guide lines does not delete them. If you have created guide lines, and then disabled this item, enabling it again will retain the guide lines you created.


This submenu allows you to zoom in or out of the slide. Several predefined zoom levels are available, including Fit Page to scale the entire slide so as to be visible in the size window you have open, and Fit Page Width to scale the slide so it fills the entire width of the window, although you may now have to scroll vertically. There are also several other scaling choices, from 33% up to 500%.