File Menu

FileNew (Ctrl+N)

Begins a new presentation. The startup dialog will open, allowing you to choose a template for your presentation.

FileOpen... (Ctrl+O)

Opens an existing presentation. A standard KDE file open dialog will appear, allowing you to choose a file to open.

FileOpen Recent

Displays a list of recently opened files for you to choose from.

FileSave (Ctrl+S)

Saves the currently open presentation. If you have not previously saved it, you will be asked to name the file. If you have previously saved the presentation, it will be resaved with the same name.

FileSave As...

Saves the currently open presentation with a new name.


Reload the currently active file.


Import a presentation that was previously created in one of several common formats.


Export the currently open presentation to one of several common formats for use in another application, or for exchange with someone who does not have access to Calligra Stage.


Open a new email message in your selected email client with the current Calligra Stage document attached.

FileExport as HTML...

Starts the HTML wizard, which is described in the section the section called “Create a HTML Slideshow”.

FilePrint... (Ctrl+P)

Prints the presentation. More precisely, it opens the print settings dialog, where you can adjust the settings before printing your presentation.

FilePrint Preview...

Displays the presentation with a viewer, exactly as it would look if printed.

FileDocument Information

Allows you to enter information about the document. This includes information about the author, and an abstract on the documents contents.

FileClose (Ctrl+W)

Close the current presentation. You will be given an opportunity to save any changes first.

FileQuit (Ctrl+Q)

Close Calligra Stage. You will be given an opportunity to save all changes in all open presentations first.