Using more than one Worksheet

When you start a new, empty, document with Calligra Sheets it will create a number of blank worksheets. The number of sheets it creates is determined by the selected template.

InsertSheet will add another sheet to the document.

You can also switch between worksheets by using the Ctrl+PgDown to move to the next sheet, Ctrl+PgUp to move to the previous one.

Worksheets are given the default names of Sheet1, Sheet2... You can give a sheet a different name by right clicking on the tab and selecting Rename Sheet...

To remove a sheet from the document use the Remove Sheet option in the context menu that pops up when you right click on the tab for the sheet you want to remove.

Other entries in the Format Sheet submenu allow you to show or hide a sheet in much the same way as rows and columns can be hidden.

If you want a formula in one sheet to refer to a cell in another sheet, the cell reference must start with the sheet name followed by an exclamation mark (!). For example if you enter =Sheet2!A2 into a cell in Sheet 1, that cell will take the value from A2 of Sheet2. Note that sheet names are case sensitive.

Consolidating Data

You may have constructed a document containing several worksheets containing similar data but for, say, different months of the year, and wish to have summary sheet containing the consolidated (e.g., sum or average) values of the corresponding data items in the other sheets.

This task can be made slightly easier by using the Consolidate... item from the Data menu.

Selecting this option brings up the Consolidate dialog box.

For each of the source sheets, enter a reference to the desired data area in the Reference: box. Press Add to transfer it to the Entered references: box. The reference should include the name of the sheet containing the source data, such as January!A1:A10, and can be entered automatically by selecting the area in the appropriate sheet.

After entering the references for all of the source data sheets select the cell in the target sheet where you want the top left corner of the consolidated results to appear. Then choose the appropriate function from the Function: combo box and press the OK button.

If you click the Details >> in the dialog and check the Copy data box the values resulting from the consolidation will be placed into the target cells rather than the formulae to calculate them.