The Settings Menu

SettingsToolbars Shown

Show or hide the toolbars: File, Edit, Navigation, Font, Format and Color/Border.

SettingsStatus Bar

Show or hide the Status Bar. The Status Bar shows additional information for selected items and instant calculations of the selected cells.

SettingsTab Bar

Show or hide the Tab Bar. All Sheets of the current Document can be accessed through the Tab Bar.

SettingsConfigure Shortcuts...

Configure the keyboard shortcuts used by Calligra Sheets. See the section on configuring shortcuts for more details.

SettingsConfigure Toolbars...

Configure the toolbars. The section on configuring toolbars has more information.


Choose the color theme for Calligra Sheets window. You can choose one of the predefined color schemes or select Configuration... to open System Settings color selection module.

SettingsActive Author Profile

Configure the author profile for the current document. You can choose one of the profiles defined using Calligra Sheets configuration window, Default Author Profile as defined by System Settings data or blank Anonymous profile which can ensure your privacy.

SettingsConfigure Notifications...

Configure Calligra Sheets notification system. There are no actions that you can be notified in the current version of Calligra Sheets.

SettingsConfigure Calligra Sheets...

General Calligra Sheets configuration. See the section on Calligra Sheets configuration for more details.