Link Cells

A spreadsheet cell can be linked to an action so that left clicking on the cell will, for example, open your browser. To make a cell act in this way select it and choose InsertLink.... This will bring up the Insert Link dialog box, which lets you choose between four types of link:

  • An Internet link cell will try to open your default browser at the URL entered in the Internet address: text box of the Insert Link dialog when it is clicked. This could be, for example,

  • Clicking on a cell containing a Mail link will open your email composer using the address entered in the Email: text box as the To: address. For example

  • A File link cell holds the path to a file or folder, as entered into the File location: text box, and will try to open that file or folder with a suitable application when clicked on.

  • The Cell type of link cell holds a Calligra Sheets cell reference, entered in the Cell or Named Area text box. Left clicking on this type of link cell causes Calligra Sheets's focus to move to the target cell.

All four types of link cell need some suitable text to be entered into the Text to display field of the Insert Link dialog. This is the text that appears in the cell.