Chapter 1. Introduction

Calligra components


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Calligra is a graphic art and office suite by KDE. Calligra consists of the following components:

  • Calligra Words (a frames-based wordprocessor)

  • Calligra Sheets (a spreadsheet application)

  • Calligra Stage (screen and slide presentations)

  • Calligra Flow (a flowchart application)

  • Calligra Karbon (a vector drawing application)

  • Calligra Plan (a project management application)

Because these components use Flake technology, Calligra components are designed to work very well with each other. Many Calligra component can be embedded in another Calligra document. For instance, you can insert a spreadsheet which you created in Calligra Sheets directly into a Calligra Words document. In this way, complex, compound documents can be created using Calligra.

A plugin mechanism makes it easy to extend the functionality of Calligra. You will find many plugins in some of the components and can learn how to write plugins yourself.

This manual only covers the general features of Calligra, those that are common to most or all components in the suite. For detailed information about the different components, have a look at the respective manual.