Chapter 1. Introduction

Artikulate is a pronunciation trainer for improving and perfecting pronunciation skills for a non-native language. For this, Artikulate provides courses created by native speakers, who recorded their own voices as comparison material. A student can download these recordings in form of courses from the Internet. The training then consists of iterative playing of a native speaker's recording of some phrase, recording the own voice, and comparing both until the result is good enough to proceed with the next phrase.

The Learning Concept

The study concept of Artikulate is based on honest self-assessment of the student. A student trains several phrases in one training session. For each such phase, first he/she plays the native speaker recording for the phrase and listens to it. Then, by recording his/her own voice when attempting to repeat this phrase, we get a second recording. The student then can compare both recordings and either decides that the phrase is mastered or that another attempt is needed. The provided courses provide trainings for special scenarios (like ordering food in a restaurant) but can also focus on learning how to pronounce difficult syllables and words of a particular language correctly.