Chapter 2. Editor

The integrated course editor is an advanced tool for language course contributors that allows the creation and collaborative work on language courses for Artikulate. On the one hand it allows the creation of language courses and recording of the native speaker sound files. On the hand, it enables work on so called skeletons, which are language course prototypes that allow easy and fast creation of new courses derived from a prototype. The editor only edits files outside of the training course set, i.e., the set of courses downloaded in Artikulate.


Editor Notions

For the course editor we use a specific set of terms, which is also used for the following descriptions.


Languages are only available in Artikulate if they are given by language specifications.


A course is associated to one language and contains a list of units.


A unit consists of phrases that are "somehow" homogeneous. E.g. those can be phrases spoken in a restaurant or phrases spoken at a conversation at the street by a tourist searching for the way.

Course Skeletons:

A course skeleton forms the prototype of a course. This is, skeletons help to ease creation of courses in several languages as they state a set of units and phrases (in English) that then can be used as a blueprint to create a course in a new language. Updates of course skeletons can also be imported into courses that are created from a skeleton.


Phrases are given by a text string and a recording by a native speaker. We differ phrases by their lengths. The following phrase lengths exists

  • word: a single word, letter, or number

  • expression: an expression of several words that does not form a complete sentence

  • sentence: a complete sentence

  • paragraph: several sentences (usually 2-3)

A course is associated with a specific language, consists of different units and each unit is given by a sequence of phrases in different lengths.

Set Storage Folder/Course Repository

The editor operates within a separate folder (in the following called repository, as it is recommended to be under some version control system). In that folder, the editor searches for editable courses and skeleton files and also stores new files.

The course repository can be set in the configuration dialog. It can be found at SettingsConfigure Artikulate and the course settings are at the menu option Course Resources.

Set course repository for editor.