Surfing and Searching

Once you have a connection to the Internet, you can surf with Konqueror just as you can with any other browser.

Type a URL into the Location Toolbar window, press Enter or left click on the Go button at the right hand end of the Location Toolbar, and Konqueror will download and display that page. If you have visited the page before, Konqueror's Automatic Text Completion feature can help you type the URL a second time. If you want to use one of the web's search engines, Konqueror's Web Shortcuts feature can make this easier.

Left click on a link in a page to open that link.

To open a link in a new instance of Konqueror, leaving the old page still visible, right mouse button click on the link and select the Open in New Window option. Alternatively, you might want to Open in New Tab. Tabbed Browsing will let you hold a number of pages in one Konqueror window and quickly switch between them with a single mouse click.

You could also select multiple view modes with WindowSplit View Left/Right (Ctrl+Shift+L) / WindowSplit View Top/Bottom (Ctrl+Shift+T) option which will let you see different pages at the same time. This can be useful if you are looking through a complicated set of HTML pages, but make sure the little link box at the bottom right hand corner is empty when you are doing this.

To go back to the previous page use the Alt+Left shortcut, the Back button on the Toolbar, or the menubar GoBack option.

Similarly, once you have gone back you can go forward by using Alt+Right, the Forward button, or the menubar GoForward option.

There are multiple ways of scrolling the viewing area. One is to use the Up and Down keys. You may also use the scrollbar, your mousewheel or the PgUp and PgDn keys.

If you want to read a long webpage use the automatic scrolling feature of Konqueror. Start automatic scrolling with Shift+Down or Shift+Up. Then use these keys to increase and decrease the scrolling speed. You can start or stop automatic scrolling temporarily by pressing the Shift key; pressing any other key deactivates this feature.

Automatic scrolling works only in the view mode KHTML.

If you want to stop a download for any reason then use the Esc key, the Toolbar Stop button or the Menubar ViewStop item.

When you are viewing a web page with the HTML Toolbar enabled you should see two new icons in the toolbar and . Use these to adjust the size of the text in the page if you find it difficult to read. How well this works will depend on how the web page has been constructed.