Saving and Printing Web Items

When you are viewing a web page you can save it (or at least the basic HTML or similar source text) to your local disk with FileSave As.... If the page you are viewing uses frames, then you will also be given the FileSave Frame As... option. Left click in the frame you want to save first.

If the page uses a background image, you can get and save that with the FileSave Background Image As... option.

But if what you really want is that glorious picture of the latest Ferrari, then right clicking on the image will give you a drop-down menu with a Save Image As... option. Be sure to respect the owner's copyright, and ask for permission before using any pictures saved this way for anything other than your own viewing pleasure.

If you right click on a link (which may be a picture) and select Save Link As... from the pop up menu the basic HTML or similar source text will be downloaded and saved on your local disk.

Right clicking on a link (which may be a picture) and choosing Copy Link Address will copy the URL of the link to the clipboard so you can then paste it into, say, an e-mail to a friend telling her about this wonderful new site.

Right clicking on a picture and choosing Copy Image copies the URL of the picture to the clipboard.

Printing a copy of the page you are viewing is easily done with the Menubar FilePrint... or Print Frame option or with the Toolbar Print button.