Chapter 5. Automatic Text Completion

Pamela Roberts

You can get Konqueror to help you enter a path or URL into the Location Toolbar by enabling one of the Text Completion features. To do this right click on a clear part of the Location Toolbar text entry box and select Text Completion from the pop up menu. This will let you choose between the following options:


What you get is what you type.


When you have typed part of a path or URL, pressing Ctrl+E or Tab will complete the entry if it is possible to do so unambiguously.


As you type into the Location Toolbar window Konqueror will automatically extend what you type to complete one possible path or URL, highlighting the characters it has added. Continue typing if that's not what you wanted or press Enter to accept it.

Dropdown List

A drop-down window will appear as you type, showing the possible matches to what you have typed so far. When the path or URL that you want appears in the window click on it with the left mouse button. You can also use the Down or Tab and Up or Shift+Tab keys to select it then press Enter.

Short Automatic

This is like Automatic mode except that it only extends what you have typed as far as the next / symbol in the path or URL. Press Ctrl+E or Tab to accept the suggestion, Enter when the complete path or URL is shown.

Dropdown List & Automatic

This is a combination of both options described above.


This item appears at the bottom of the submenu and enables you to switch to the default behaviour Dropdown List.

You should try out these different modes and pick the one that suits you best.