Changing Names and Permissions

The two easiest ways to change the name of a file or folder is to either right click on it and select Rename, or select the file or folder and then press the F2 key.

To change the name or permissions of a file or folder right click on its name or icon and select the Properties item, or if you have selected the file or folder, then you can use the Menubar EditProperties (Alt+Return) option.

This will bring up the Properties dialog box with several tabbed pages:

  • General, which gives you some information about the item and lets you change its name and, for a folder, the associated icon.

  • Permissions, which shows you the item's ownership and access permissions and lets you change the permissions.

Copy and Rename

If you want to make a copy of an existing file with a different name -- perhaps as a backup -- in the same folder as the original file, do a normal Copy then when you Paste it a dialog box will pop up complaining that the file already exists. Just type the new name into the dialog's text box and press the Continue button (or if you are feeling lazy pressing the Suggest New Name button will generate a new name for you).