Viewing Help, Man and Info Pages

You can view KDE Help and UNIX® Man and Info pages directly in Konqueror, without having to start up KHelpCenter.

To view a KDE Help page, enter help:/application name (for example help:/kmail to view the KMail documentation.) into Konqueror's Location Toolbar window.

If you want to read UNIX® Man pages Konqueror makes it easy. For example type man:/touch or #touch into the Location Toolbar to see the page for the touch command.

To browse through UNIX® Info pages, entering info:/dir takes you to Info's top level directory, then it's just a matter of clicking on the right links to find the page you want. Alternatively, use info:/command name to go straight to the Info page you want.


Unfortunately, KDE Help pages are stored in such a way that they cannot be viewed in other browsers. If you really need to do this your only recourse is to go online and visit