Left and Middle Mouse Button Actions

If you click the left mouse button on an item in Konqueror's window, it will be activated. Thus

  • Left click on an icon in the Toolbar to perform the action that icon represents.

  • Left click on an item in the Menubar to make that menu drop down.

  • Left click on a menu item to do that thing.

  • Left click on an icon in the Bookmark Toolbar to open that URL.

  • Left click on a link in a web page to make Konqueror follow that link.

  • Left click on a folder icon or name and Konqueror will descend into (show the contents of) that folder.

  • Left click on a file name or icon and Konqueror will do whatever it thinks appropriate, based on the file type. In general this means opening HTML pages, or previewing text, image or Okular documents, showing them within Konqueror's window (Preview means that you can see the file but not change it).

    Konqueror decides what the file type is by matching the filename extension against a list of known types. If that fails it tries to guess the type from the file contents. You can change the list of known file types and associated actions with the File Associations page of the SettingsConfigure Konqueror... dialog.

Clicking the middle mouse button on a file or folder name or icon does essentially the same as left clicking except that it usually does it in a new Konqueror window, unless the Open links in new tab instead of in new window box has been checked in the General page of the SettingsConfigure Konqueror... dialog. Konqueror can open links on pages and Bookmarks, as well as the Home, Up, Back and Forward entries in a new tab or window.

Holding the Shift key down while pressing the middle mouse button will open the link in the background.