Chapter 1. Overview

Pamela Roberts

Konqueror is an advanced file manager, providing file management functions ranging from simple cut/copy and paste operations to advanced local and remote network file browsing. Folder contents can be displayed in a variety of text and icon view modes, which can include thumbnail preview images of file contents. File and folder properties can easily be examined and changed, and applications launched with a simple click of the left mouse button.

In KDE Applications Dolphin is the default file manager. To change the default component for browsing folders, open Default Applications in the System Settings and select Konqueror as file manager.

Konqueror is an HTML 4.01 compliant web browser with built in support for JavaScript (ECMA-262), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and bidirectional scripts (such as Arabic and Hebrew). It provides support for the secure running of Java™ applets, Netscape® plugins for viewing Flash™, RealAudio® and RealVideo® and SSL for secure communications. Advanced features include automatic URL and form completion, the ability to import bookmarks from other browsers and tabbed browsing.

Konqueror is also an excellent full featured FTP client.

Konqueror is a universal viewing application, capable of displaying images and documents without having to launch another application. It does this by embedding components (KDE Parts) provided by other applications; from Gwenview; for image viewing, Okular for PDF, PostScript® and other documents.

Konqueror is a fully customizable application which anyone can configure to suit their own needs, from changing the overall style and the sizes of text and icons to selecting which items appear in the Menubar, changing the number and positions of the toolbars and even defining new shortcut key combinations.