Deleting Files and Folders

Konqueror gives you two ways to dispose of an unwanted file or folder:

  • You can move it to the Trash folder, which is the safest method as you can get it back if you realize that you have made a mistake.

  • You can just plain Delete it, which removes the entry from the folder and adds the disk area occupied by the file(s) to the system's list of free disk areas, in the same way as the rm command.

    If you want to use this feature check the option Show 'Delete' menu entries which bypass the trashcan on the File Management settings page.

The simplest way to remove a file or folder is to position the mouse pointer over its name or icon and press the right mouse button, which will bring up a menu containing the options Move to Trash and Delete.

Or, if you have selected the item, the Menubar Edit menu will give you the choice of Move to Trash and Delete options.

Del will move the selected item or items to Trash.

Shift+Del will really, truly and irrevocably delete the selected item or items.


You won't be able to remove a file or folder if you don't have the necessary permissions.