Lumen Plugin

Lumen is a plugin providing code-completion for the D programming language. It is just a connection between the editor and the D Completion Daemon (a server providing all the information) called DCD. The plugin currently supports all major features of the completion server: feeding the server with import files, displaying documentation and several types of completion:


Basic Completion:

Completion (overloaded Function):


To make Lumen work you have to install DCD, using the information provided by the D community.

After installing DCD edit ~/.config/dcd/dcd.conf (create if it does not exist already) and add a path to your D include/import files e.g. /usr/include/dlang/dmd or /usr/include/d.

Furthermore Lumen will try to read a .lumenconfig in every parent folder of the currently opened D source file and add every line in this file as include path to the DCD server. Add all dependencies of your current project to this file.

Now start the completion server with dcd-server, enable the Lumen plugin in your settings and you will have code completion for the D programming language in Kate