Page Setup

To access Page Setup, select Settings and Page Setup... from the Krecipes menu bar.


Page Setup

An Overview of Page Setup

In the Page Setup window, the toolbar displays the icons for Open, Save, Save As and Revert and a drop down box Show Items.


With regard to Revert, a word of caution is in order. Clicking on Revert after changes have been made in the Page Setup window, will reload the currently active layout file, erasing all changes unless they have been saved. This represents the prime function for Revert. Should you wish to revert to your previous settings while still in Page Setup, clicking Revert will allow you to do this provided that you have not saved any changes.

Beneath the toolbar, the label Usage: Select a template along the left, and right-click any element to edit the look of that element. clearly states the Page Setup method of use. All attribute changes are dynamic and do not necessitate reloading while in Page Setup. See the section Changing Attributes for details on changing the appearance of your recipe elements.

When the Page Setup window first appears, you will probably need to resize it in order to view all the recipe elements. When the window is resized, all recipe elements will be scaled fit within the confines of the window.

Selecting Items to Display

The drop down box on the toolbar allows access to a list of items that are available for display in the recipe. These include —

  • Authors – The authors or contributors of the recipe

  • Categories – The category to which the recipe belongs

  • Ingredients – The list of recipe ingredients

  • Instructions – The steps for preparing the recipe

  • Photo – To display a photo in the recipe

  • Properties – The list of nutrients in the recipe

  • Preparation Time – The time for preparation

  • Ratings – The ratings given to the recipe

  • Title – The title of the recipe

  • Yield – The yield amount expected from the recipe

By default, all items are displayed. To prevent display in the recipe, deselect the item by clicking on the check box beside it.


All sections chosen to display in the recipe will also print. It may be desirable to have a section display, but not print. In this case, you can define a new print layout. See the section Print Setup for instructions.

Changing Attributes

Characteristics of each section can be changed individually.

Right-click on any section in the Page Setup window. A menu will display with the title of the section appearing at the top. From this menu, you can —

  • Change the Background color...

  • Change the Text color...

  • Change the Font...

  • Choose whether or not to display the section by selecting or deselecting the check box beside Show

  • Change the Alignment – This menu item has a sub-menu that allows you to select the alignment

  • Define a Border... that will appear around the selected section

    When the Requested Border configuration window appears, there are sections that allow the definition of various elements under the appropriate headings. For example —

    • Under the heading Style, a border style can be selected

    • Under the heading Color, a color can be selected from the color spectrum and this can be fine-tuned, using the color slider

    • Under the heading Width the width of the border, in pixels, can be selected. For a border such as Groove, or Ridge a minimum pixel size of 4 to 6 has been found to work best. The border size can be selected using a spinbox or selecting a numeric value from a list

    Finally, at the bottom is a section that allows the preview of the border as it will appear in the recipe.

  • Specify the number of Columns... that will be used to display your list items, such as Ingredients and Properties

    When the Columns... menu item is selected, a dialog box will appear where you can set the number of columns for display using a spinbox or typing the number directly into the text box that appears beneath the label Select the number of columns to use:.