Customizing the Toolbar

To access the Toolbar configuration interface, select Settings and Configure Toolbars... from the Krecipes menu. The Configure Toolbars – Krecipes screen will appear.


Configure Krecipes – Configure Toolbars interface

From the screenshot, you will notice that choices available for addition to the toolbar are on the left under the heading Available actions:. On the right, under the heading Current actions: are the icons that presently appear on the toolbar – note that your toolbar, by default, may appear differently from that displayed in the screenshot.

Between the two lists are four arrows, which allow for directional movement between the lists, or up and down in the list. When an item is selected from either list, the directional arrow(s) that are functional are colored, while the non-functional arrow(s) are grayed. Movement is accomplished by clicking on the appropriate directional arrow, as necessary, to move the selection into the desired position.

The icon for your selection can be changed by clicking the Change Icon... button. This will bring up a window from which you can select the icon that you want to use. Once selected, click the OK button that appears on the icon selection screen to close the window and attach the icon to the toolbar selection.

In order to apply your changes, you must click the Apply button that appears at the bottom of the Configure Toolbars – Krecipes screen. This will apply your changes, but leave the window open in order to make other changes, if desired. To apply your changes and exit the interface, click the OK button. Clicking the Cancel will cancel any changes made since the last time the Apply button was clicked.