Search a dataBase of all information gathered from stylesheets loaded

All output files are stored in, value of the "searchresultspath" option if set, or the same directory as the provided stylesheet. searchresults.xml is normally transformed by search.xsl, but will be transformed using searchhtml.xsl if the "prefrehtml" option is set.

When the search command is issued a xml file (searchresults.xml) will be created. You can then process this file with your own stylesheet to present data in other ways. If "preferhtml" option is not set then searchresult.txt is printed to display.

Depending on the amount of data collected it might take a while to complete this command.

Table 3.37. Search usage

search <XPATH>    (See what xpath can be used see search.dtd. The default <XPATH> is '//search/*' )
search -sort <XPATH>    (Tell search.xsl to sort the result before outputing it)