Working With Variables

If the inspector dialog is not showing use the DebugInspect... menu item.

Local and global variables are show in a tab on the inspector dialog. The following example shows a XSLT code segment that declares a global and a local variable

    <xsl:variable name="globalvariable" select="'foo'"/>

    <xsl:template match="/"/>
	<xsl:param name="localvariable" select="'bar'"/>
    </xsl:template match="/"/>

Clicking with the mouse on a variable in the list will cause summary information to be displayed in the bottom of the dialog. If a variable has a select expression, for example

    <xsl:variable name="changeable" select="'oldValue'" />

then a new XPath can be chosen by entering a new value for Variable Expression then clicking the Set Expression button.

The Variables Tab

The Variables Tab

Clicking on a variable entry in the list shown will cause the cursor in the main window to move to the file and line number indicated.