Using the Main Window

A text view of the current file being debugged

A text view of the current file being debugged.

Working With the Main Window

The state of a given breakpoint is indicated via the relevant text with a different background color. You can choose the color desired: see the SettingsConfigure Editor dialog, on the Colors page.

You can set, disable or delete a breakpoint using keys, the Debug menu or the buttons on the tool bar.

You can move the cursor around the text using the following keys:

Arrow keys: Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow or Down Arrow.
Page keys: Page Up or Page Down

Working With KXSLDbg Output

Most of the output from KXSLDbg is captured and presented either in the inspectors dialog or the KXSLDbg output window. The exceptions to this rule are:

  • An error message that comes from KXSLDbg is displayed inside a message dialog.

  • The result of evaluating an expression is displayed in a message dialog.

  • The output of search is sent to the file indicated in the KXSLDbg output window.