Inserting Math environments

Remembering how all the different math elements work can be really annoying. Of course Kile can do the magic for you here: WizardMath

Inserting a math element


  • Name: Choose the type of math element you want to create.

  • Without numbering: This can switch numbering off for numbered elements like equations or aligns.

  • Space command to separate groups: In an environment which supports several groups like alignat, you can define a space separator when you have more than one group. You can enter any space command here, which exists in mathmode, e.g. \quad.

  • Standard tabulator: Select the tabulator which should be used. Kile should automatically pick the right one for you here.

  • Displaymath mode: For environments like matrices or arrays you can choose which math environment your mathematical text should be displayed with.

  • Use bullets: With this option checked, Kile will insert bullet placeholders for each element of your mathematical text.