Chapter 3. Quickstart

Writing a LATEX Document with Kile for Beginners

Users of Kile have two choices when starting a new document: they can use the Wizard to begin a new document, select the type of document they would like to create and options such as font size, paper size, and so on; otherwise, they can write the code by hand.

	Here is a bunch of text coded in \LaTeX.

Every document in LATEX begins with the command \documentclass[optional argument]{class}, where class specifies the document type.

Typing in the code example above from the text box gives you the following output:

Compiled text in DVI output

Compiled text in DVI output

The brackets that come after the command \documentclass contain the options for the command. The option [12pt] sets the size of the font for your article; if you do not set the font size in the beginning, you can set it later in the text.

Once you have typed in the code example from the box above, you will need to compile your LATEX source code. The easiest way for you to compile LATEX is to use the Build menu, or using the Quickbuild button.

Alt+2 is the keyboard shortcut to compile your source code.

You have to save your source code before you can compile; Kile will do this automatically for you.

If your document did not compile, check the log for errors. When using the Quickbuild key, the Okular viewer should be launched automatically; if it does not, look at the log.