DVI Files

DVI stands for DeVice Independent file. These files are produced by TEX or LATEX to be read by a driver of some sort on your computer. There are many different types of output that a .dvi can be sent to, such as a printer, PostScript® or PDF file converter, or your computer screen.

Viewing a DVI

You have already seen how to view a DVI file on the screen by using the ViewDVI button in the toolbar.

Printing a DVI

To print a DVI, you can use the same process that you used to create your document earlier (see Using Kile). At step 7, after clicking ViewDVI, select FilePrint in the viewer, and if you have your printer properly configured, you will be able to print the DVI.

Converting DVI files

The toolbar gives the options of Converting a DVI to other formats. Once you have created a DVI from your LATEX source code, you will be able to export it to a format of your choice using the toolbar buttons.