Chapter 11. Navigating the LATEX Source

Using the Structure View

The Structure view shows the hierarchy of the document being created in Kile, and allows you to quickly navigate it, showing its segmentation. To navigate around your document, all you need to do is to left click on any label, chapter, section, subsection, etc., and you will be taken to the beginning of the corresponding area.

If you included a separate LATEX file in your source using the \input or \include tags, these files will be referred to in the Structure view; double-clicking on their names will make Kile bring up the included file in the editor window.

The hierarchy tree also has a separate branch for labels used in the text.

Using the Context Menu

Most of the entries in the structure view have a lot of entries in the context menu, which you can open with a right mouse click. So look at the structure view in the following picture.

Using the Structure View

You will find some labels, some sectioning entries, two figure environments and three pictures. If you right click on one of the sectioning entries, a menu with some useful commands will popup. All commands like Select, Delete or Comment will work with all lines, which belong to this section.

Context menu for sectioning entries

Clicking on a figure or table entry will offer some actions with respect to references and a right click on a graphics entry will offer some programs to open the graphics.

Context menu for figure/tables and graphics entries

Updating the Structure View

To update your structure view you can either go to EditRefresh Structure, hit F12, or you can save your document, which will make Kile update its Structure view.