Chapter 14. Scripting

Scripting in Kile

Kile's scripting feature allows the execution of ECMAScript code, widely known as JavaScript. You will find a lot of tutorials, which provide information about objects (variables), functions and properties supported by JavaScript.

Scripting support can be enabled in the configuration dialog of Kile: SettingsConfigure Kile...Kile+Scripting.

Enable or disable scripting support

If scripting is enabled, an additional scripting panel is visible in the sidebar, where scripts can be managed:

Scripting panel in the sidebar

This widget contains six icons, which offer different tasks:

  • Run the selected script.

  • Create a new script.

  • Open the selected script in the editor.

  • Configure a key sequence for the selected script.

  • Remove an assigned key sequence.

  • Refresh the list of available scripts, which are all found in $KDEDIR/share/apps/kile/scripts/.