Executing a Script

You can execute a script in three different ways:

  1. Select the desired script and click on the Execute button on the left side of the script management widget.

    Scripting: execute button
  2. Use a keyboard shortcut.

    Scripting: keyboard shortcut

    You can assign a keyboard shortcut to a script using the Configure button in the script management widget.

    Scripting: configure sequence dialog
  3. Use an editor key sequence. The script will be executed, if you type the assigned key sequence in the editor.

    Scripting: editor key sequence

    This method can be extended to a rather sophisticated kind of code completion. Let us assume that you have a written a script, which simply inserts the LATEX command \textbf{} into the current document.


    If you now type the assigned key sequence bfx in your text document, this key sequence will be removed and the script will be executed. It will insert \textbf{} and the cursor is placed between the braces.

    Scripting: typing an editor key sequence

    What a comfortable and powerful method of code completion.