Kile supports user defined lists of abbreviations, which are replaced on demand by longer text strings. Look at SettingsConfigure Kile...Kile+Complete to configure one or more of these lists. For the example given here, the abbreviation list in example.cwl must be chosen. In this file you will find, for example, the entry L=\LaTeX.

For example, type only the letter L. Now invoke the abbreviation mode of word completion with EditCompleteAbbreviation or keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Space, and the letter L is replaced by the string \LaTeX.

Abbreviation completion also supports newline %n and %C to place the cursor, if these characters are present in the expansion text. So if you have the entry

en1=\begin{enumerate}%n\item %C%n\end{enumerate}%n

in the completion file, and invoke the abbreviation completion, the expansion looks as below, where x shows the final cursor position.

	\item x


If you choose Show abbreviations, all possible abbreviations are shown in a view of the sidebar. So you will have a good survey of all possible abbreviations.