Chapter 1. Introduction

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Starting rekonq

Based initially on qtwebkit (and currently on kdewebkit), rekonq is a lightweight browser designed to use the WebKit rendering engine in combination with various KDE technologies, allowing it to integrate seamlessly into the KDE desktop. The name is a throwback to the venerable khtml-based Konqueror which is currently the default KDE web browser.

rekonq has already replaced Konqueror as the default browser in Chakra and Kubuntu™, with more distributions expressing similar intent for their future releases.


Like all KDE applications, rekonq is highly configurable. This document describes how rekonq behaves with the normal, default settings.

A three button mouse can be useful when you are running rekonq or any other KDE application. If your mouse only has two buttons then you should be able to set your system up so that you can simulate a middle mouse button by pressing both buttons at the same time.

If you are used to having to double-click to perform an action, then take care, because in common with the rest of KDE, rekonq defaults to single-clicking.

Starting rekonq

rekonq can be started in the following ways

  • From the application launcher select ApplicationsInternetrekonq

  • Alt+F2 will open KRunner, type rekonq (lower case) and press Enter to start rekonq