Configure the Tabs settings

Here you learn how to change the settings for tabs.

To come to the dialog click on the Tools icon and open Configure rekonqTabs


Here a list of configurable points and explanation for it:

New tab opens

Here you can choose the default behavior of rekonq when you open the new tab.

New Tab Page starts with

Here you can choose the default contents for the new tabs.

When hovering a tab show

Here you can choose to show a preview, the title, the URL or nothing.

Open as new window when URL is called externally

This prevents rekonq to open links from external applications in an already running instance in another virtual desktop or activity, but opens them in the actual virtual desktop or activity in new windows instead.

Closing last tab closes window

This forces rekonq to quit, when you close the last tab. If disabled, the view will switch to the New Tab content.

Activate previously used tab when closing the current one

This makes rekonq storing your last opened tab and if you close your current one it will reopen the old one. This also can be useful if you use many tabs.

Open new tabs next to current tab

This makes it to default that tabs are opened next to the currently active one when you open a link on a page from the context menu in a new tab.

Open new tabs in the foreground

This makes rekonq switching to new tabs when you open a link on a page from the context menu in a new tab.

The last two options do not apply for new tabs opened from the tab context menu or using the New Tab icon.