Chapter 12. Detailed rekonq configuration

General settings of rekonq

You want to configure the general behavior of rekonq? You found the right place to get it explained.

To open the general settings click on the Tools icon and select Configure rekonq.


Here a List of configurable points and explanation for it:

When starting rekonq:

You can configure what rekonq should do on startup.

Home page URL:

You can either set your home page directly through tipping the URL in.

Use the New Tab Page as home page

Enabling this option makes an empty new page the default home page of rekonq.

Set to Current Page

Sets your home page to the one you are visiting at the moment.

Use KGet for downloading files

This activates the KGet download integration. If this is active rekonq will download everything through KGet

List links with KGet

If enabled, rekonq will display an additional context menu entry, which, when selected, lists all available links of the current website in KGet.