Chapter 4. Selecting a color from an RGB space

A color can be selected from an RGB space in KColorEdit in the following ways:

  • By editing the HSV or RGB components.

  • By selecting a color from color gradient panels. In the left one, two from HSV components can be selected, and in the right one, the third one. The third component can be chosen by clicking on one of the buttons labeled H:, S: and V:. The one component panel display colors with the other two components equal to these selected in the two components panel. The two components panel may display colors with the third component fixed, or, if the Variable check-box is set, with a value equal to the one selected in the one component panel. In the Replace mode, the color selected in panels replaces the output one instantly, and in the Change: mode it modifies the output color after each click, or a mouse move while a mouse button is pressed. Therefore, in the latter mode the color selected in the gradient panels may be different from the output color. To synchronize the colors, the Synchronize button can be used.