There is no graphical configuration of SSCd, but there is a configuration file (sscd.conf) stored in the SSCd folder.

The default configuration file is heavily commented and should be self-explanatory.

Before running SSCd, you will want to at least change the DatabaseUser and DatabasePassword entry of the configuration file. See the database section for more information.

; This is an example config file and displays the built-in defaults
; SSCd will look for this file in:
; Linux:
;    /usr/share/sscd/sscd.conf
; Windows:
;    <sscd installation path>\sscd.conf

; Change this to use a different database; Because SSCd uses db-specific
; commands in places, only QMYSQL is supported at the moment.
; Support for other DBMS can be added extremely easily, though so please
; feel free to request support through

; The host of the DBMS

; The port of the DBMS; 3306 is the default port of MySQL

; The database to use; Make sure that you run the supplied create script
; before you use SSCd

; The username to use when connecting to the DBMS

; Database password. The default one will obviously not work in most cases
DatabasePassword=CHANGE ME NOW

; Database options. Refer to Qts documentation of QSqlDatabase for details

; The port the server will listen to; Default: 4440

; Bind the server to a specific client IP; If this is true, the server
; will ignore requests from all but the BoundHost (see below)

; IP of the bound host (if Bind is active)