Chapter 2. Using SSC

SSC provides a simple graphical interface for collecting training samples and managing speakers.

Main window

To use SSC connect to the SSCd by pressing Connect. As soon as you are connected, the user interface will allow you to manage users and institutions and record new samples.

To proceed without connecting to the SSCd, you may use the offline mode.

To collect samples for a user, simply enter the id of the user in the User ID input field and press Select. The user information will be fetched from the database (SSCd) and the name of the user displayed.

Managing users

Before you can record samples from a new speaker you need to add a new user to the system.

To add, edit and remove users, select the Manage users option from the toolbar.

Manage users

Here you see a list of all existing speakers in the database. For performance reason the list may not be complete. To find users in large deployments you can apply filters to the result set by filling out the mask above and pressing Apply Filters. The default is no filter. Empty fields are ignored when filtering.

To filter for a specific institution enter the institution id into the Institution field. If you don't know the institution id by hard you can use the Search menu.

To add, edit or remove users simply press the buttons Add, Edit and Remove, respectively.

Add user

To add a user press Add and fill out the presented form.

Add user

Associating with an institution

Often institutions give unique ids to each patient to reference them in their computer system. SSC can be configured to use those institution ids instead of the internal SSCd identifiers. To connect a SSC user to the institution id add a new institution connection to the user by pressing Add below Institution(s):.

New institution association

Simply enter the id of the institution the identifier originates from (you may want to use the Search to find institution ids) and the id that identifies the user in that institution.

For example: The speaker "Jack Jones" is currently a patient in institution #1. There he is patient "#520f". You can then add an institution association associating the speaker "Jack Jones" (internal SSCd id "7") with the institution "1" and institution id "520f". If SSC is the configured to use institution specific ids of institution "1" you can refer to "Jack Jones" by using the id "520f" instead of "7".


If the speaker is not able to answer interview questions or repeat words spoken by the facilitator then you can let SSC know about it by unchecking Interview possible and / or Repeat possible. The unchecked training modes (Repeat and Interview) will then no longer be available for this speaker.

Edit user

To edit a user, simply select the user from the list in the manage users dialog and press Edit.

The interface for editing the user is identical to the interface for adding a new user.

Remove user

To remove a user, simply select Remove after selecting the user from the list in the manage users dialog.


When removing a user, all associated samples of this speaker will be lost.