This section describes how to import and remove scenarios to your Simon configuration. For general information about scenarios, please refer to the background chapter. If you want to create, edit or export scenarios, please refer to the advanced usage section.

To modify your scenario configuration, first open the scenario management dialog by pressing Manage scenarios in the Simon main window.

To activate or deactivate a scenario you can use the arrow buttons between the two lists or simply double click the option you want to load / unload.

More information about individual scenarios can be found in the tooltips of the list items.

Import Scenario

Scenarios can be imported from a local file in Simon's XML scenario file format but can also be directly downloaded and imported from the internet.

When downloading scenarios, the list of scenarios is retrieved from Simon Scenarios subsection of the OpenDesktop site KDE Store.

If you create a scenario that might be valuable for other Simon users, please consider uploading it to this online repository and help other Simon users.

Delete Scenario

To delete a scenario, select the scenario and click the Delete button.

Because scenarios are synchronized with the recognition server, you can restore deleted scenarios through the model synchronization backup.