Chapter 2. Using Afaras

Main window

The main window requests the path to the prompts file to review, the path prefix to the audio samples and an output path for the produced blacklist file. If this file already exists it will be loaded when starting the review.

Optionally, a Sam model build log of a model compilation process involving the samples to be reviewed can be provided. Afaras will then try to use intermediate results of the model compilation process to order the review samples to most- to least-likely erroneous. This way, even very short reviews can substantially improve the model generation process.

Review samples

To navigate through the review process more quickly you can use keyboard shortcuts.

Table 2.1. Keyboard shortcuts

PToggle between "play" and "stop" for the current sample.
BToggle: Blacklist the current sample.
NAdvance to the next sample.
BackspaceGo back to the previous sample.

To apply a blacklist to a prompts file, you can, for example, use the script bundled with Simon: blacklist inputprompts outputprompts