El control de la bandeja del sistema

Ubicación y uso

When Smb4K is started, a status icon appears in your system tray. Its status is set to active if workgroups or domains were discovered in your network neighborhood. Otherwise it is set to inactive.

Control de la bandeja del sistema

By left clicking the (active) icon, you can minimize or restore the main window. A right click brings up a popup menu that contains several menu items allowing you to work with the mounted shares, manage or mount your bookmarks, select the profile you want to use and to configure Smb4K without the need to open the main window.

Menús y opciones de menú

El menú Recursos compartidos montados lista todos los recursos compartidos montados y algunas acciones que se pueden ejecutar sobre ellos.

El control del menú emergente de recursos compartidos montados de la bandeja del sistema
Desmontando todo

Desmonta todos los recursos compartidos de una vez. En función de sus preferencias, Smb4K intenta desmontar bien aquellos recursos compartidos que posee o todos los que están listados.

For each mounted share you can open a submenu that contains the following entries. For further information read here.


Desmonta el recurso compartido.

Añadir marcador

Añadir el recurso compartido seleccionado a los marcadores.


Synchronize the mounted share with a local copy or vice versa. For further information read here and here.

Abrir con Konsole

Abre la carpeta base del recurso compartido en Konsole.

Abrir con el gestor de archivos

Abre el contenido del recurso compartido en el gestor de archivos predeterminado (por ejemplo Dolphin).

The Bookmarks menu contains all your bookmarks organized according to the structure you gave them (see also here and here).

El control del menú de marcadores de la bandeja del sistema

Its layout is as described here except that the Add Bookmark menu item is not present.

In the Profiles menu, all defined profiles are listed:

El menú de perfiles del control de la bandeja del sistema

You can activate a profile by clicking it. The profiles can be managed via the configuration dialog.

The other menu entries are:

Diálogo de abrir montaje

Open the dialog for "manual" mounts.

Configurar Smb4K...

Open the configuration dialog. See here for a full list of available settings.

Minimizar | Restaurar

Hide (minimize) or show (restore) the main window. Which text is shown depends on the state of the main window.

Salir (Ctrl+S)

Sale de la aplicación.