La vista de recursos compartidos montados

En la vista de recursos compartidos, usted puede interactuar con los recursos compartidos montados en su sistema.

Las diferentes vistas

Smb4K comes with two alternative views: an icon and a list view. They are both shown below. The default one is the icon view.

La vista de iconos:

La vista de iconos de los recursos compartidos

La vista de lista:

La vista de lista de los recursos compartidos

You can switch between the two views by selecting either the appropriate entry in the View Modes submenu from the Shares View menu of the main window or in the shares view's popup menu.

By default, only your own mounts are displayed. However, you can tell Smb4K to show all mounts by altering the respective settings.

Acciones y menú emergente

For the shares view several actions are defined. They are present in the menubar under Shares, the toolbar and in its popup menu. The following ones are available:

Modos de vista

Elija el modo de vista desde el submenú.

Icon View

Los recursos compartidos se muestran en una vista de iconos.

List View

Los recursos compartidos se muestran en una vista de lista.

Desmontar (Ctrl+D)

Unmount one or multiple selected shares. The ability to unmount shares is by default restricted to the ones that are owned by you. However, you can change this behavior by changing the settings in the configuration dialog. If no share is selected in the shares view, this button is disabled.

Smb4K also provides the ability to force the unmounting of shares (Linux® only). This might be useful with inaccessible shares that cannot be unmounted the normal way. To enable this feature, you need to modify the settings in the configuration dialog.

Lea la sección Desmontaje derecursos compartidos para más detalles.

Desmontar todos (Ctrl+N)

Desmonta todos los recursos compartidos a la vez. Las restricciones comentadas anteriormente también se aplican aquí. Si no tiene ningún recurso compartido montado, este botón está desactivado.

Lea la sección Desmontaje derecursos compartidos para más detalles.

Añadir marcador (Ctrl+M)

Add a bookmark to the currently selected mounted shares. This action is disabled if no share is selected.

Consulte la sección Añadir marcadores para más detalles.

Sincronizar (Ctrl+S)

Inicia la sincronización de un recurso compartido con una copia local o viceversa. Esta entrada de menú solo estará activada si ha instalado previamente el programa rsync(1) y se selecciona un recurso compartido.

Abrir con Konsole (Ctrl+L)

Abre la carpeta base de un recurso compartido en Konsole. Esta opción de menú es útil si usted necesita ejecutar «shell scripts», etc.

Abrir con el gestor de archivos (Ctrl+I)

Abre el contenido de un recurso compartido en el gestor de archivos predeterminado.

The popup menu includes all actions that can be performed on a mounted share:

El menú emergente de la vista de recursos compartidos

It can be opened by clicking the right mouse button.

Consejos emergentes

The tooltips provide information about the share name, the mount point, the user and group, the login, the file system, the disk usage, and the free disk space. If the share is inaccessible, these values are marked as unknown.

Los consejos emergentes están activados de manera predeterminada. Puedes desactivarlos en el diálogo de configuración.

Recursos compartidos inaccesibles

Smb4K periodically checks all mounted shares if they are still accessible. If an inaccessible share is encountered, it will be marked with a locked folder icon and you will not be able to open or synchronize it anymore. Unmounting and adding a bookmark is still possible.


El programa puede quedar congelado durante un breve periodo de tiempo debido a un recurso compartido inaccesible. Se recuperará después.


Three different icons may be presented to the user:

Three different icons
  • The icon on the left hand side indicates that this share is not accessible. Smb4K won't allow you to open it or synchronize it. You will only be able to unmount it or add a bookmark.

  • The central icon indicates that the share is online, accessible, and owned by you. You may perform all available actions on it.

  • All shares marked with a warning sign like the one on the right hand side are owned by another user. They are only shown if you adjusted the settings to display them. In the default configuration, you are not allowed to unmount these shares, but you can change this behavior, too.

Arrastrar y soltar

Smb4K supports drag-and-drop in the shares view. To transfer or link data to a share, drag the files and/or folders over the share icon and drop them there. A popup menu will open asking you what you want to do. Choose the appropriate action (copy, move or link).

Un menú emergente abierto después de que el usuario suelte un archivo en un recurso compartido

Para evitar el menú emergente, pulse la tecla Mayúsculas moviendo la tecla Ctrl key para copiar, y la combinación de teclas Ctrl+Mayúsculas para enlazar mientras se arrastra y suelta. La transferencia solo será correcta si el recurso compartido se montó con permisos de lectura y escritura.

You can also drag and drop the whole share to the desktop or to another application (por ejemplo Dolphin). Again, a popup menu will open asking you, what you want to do. When choosing the appropriate operation, please remember that under most circumstances moving and linking the share might not be a good idea.

Desmontando recursos compartidos

One or multiple selected shares may be unmounted by either clicking the Unmount (Ctrl+U) action or by pressing its keyboard shortcut. By default, the ability to unmount a share is restricted to the ones that are owned by you. This behavior can be altered in the configuration dialog. If you enabled the unmounting of shares that are owned by other users, you will be presented with a warning dialog prior to the actual unmount:

The warning dialog that is shown when unmounting foreign shares

If you click the Yes button, the share will definitely be unmounted. So, please think twice before you decide to unmount shares that are owned by other users!

Inaccessible shares are unmounted with a "normal" unmount by default. If this should fail, you can configure Smb4K so as to perform a lazy unmount on inaccessible shares (Linux® only).

Todos los recursos compartidos pueden desmontarse a la vez pulsando la acción Desmontar todo (Ctrl+N). Dependiendo de sus preferencias, esto desmontara recursos compartidos extranjeros e inaccesibles.

After a successful unmount process, the user is notified. If unmounting fails, a notification with the returned error message will be shown.


The Synchronize (Ctrl+Y) menu item opens the synchronization dialog. It offers you the mount point of the share as source and a path below the synchronization prefix as destination. To update the data on the share, you can swap the destination with the source by clicking the Swap Paths button.

Solicitador de URL para la sincronización

Clicking the Synchronize button starts the synchronization. By left clicking on the Notifications button in the system tray, a progress dialog can be opened that shows some details about the transfer.

Diálogo de progreso

In the default, collapsed version it displays the source and destination of the file that is currently transferred, the transfer rate and the overall progress. More information like the number of transferred files and a graphical representation of the transfer rate can be seen by clicking the [+] (More) button on the left below to the progress bar.

The synchronization can be paused or canceled at any time by pressing the pause or stop button to the right of the progress bar.


The total number of files that is shown in the progress dialog corresponds to the number of files present on the share and not necessarily to the total number of files that will actually be transferred.

The progress is calculated from the number of transferred files devided by the total number of files present on the share. Their size is not considered. That means that one very large file adds to the progress as much as a very small one does. Also, due to the way rsync displays the transfer progress, the progress bar is only updated after the transfer of the file finished.

Abriendo un recurso compartido

Smb4K proporciona dos posibilidades para abrir un recurso compartido montado:

  • Abrir un recurso compartido con KonsoleYou can open the mounted share in Konsole by selecting the Open with Konsole (Ctrl+L) action. This is useful if you need to run shell scripts on the share or similar.

  • Abrir un recurso compartido con el gestor de archivos predeterminado. You can open the share in the default file manager (por ejemplo Dolphin) by clicking the share icon or selecting the Open with File Manager (Ctrl+I) action.


Si un recurso compartido está marcado como inaccesible, entonces no puede ser abierto.