Comportamiento predeterminado

Normal events like mounting and unmounting of a share as well as warnings and errors are reported to the user via system notifications. By default, when the user is notified about a normal event, a notification pops up silently. With warnings and errors also a sound is played. The screenshot below shows the notification that pops up after a share was mounted.

Notificación tras montar un recurso compartido

El comportamiento predeterminado de cada notificación puede cambiarse vía Preferencias del sistema.

Gestión de notificaciones

Notifications can be managed via the Preferencias del sistema. To modify the behavior of a notification, navigate to the Notifications page. Under Event source select the Advanced Network Neighborhood Browser entry from the drop-down menu:

Módulo de notificación de preferencias del sistema

All available notifications are shown in the list view and can be edited, enabled and disabled according to your liking.