Smb4K officially supports Linux®, FreeBSD, NetBSD and DragonFly BSD. Other operating systems might work as well, but haven't been tested.

To compile Smb4K, you need:

To be able to use the main application of Smb4K, you need at least Qt version 5.6.0 and KF5 version 5.25.0 to be installed. The provided Plasmoid is known to run with Qt™ version 5.6.1, KF5 version 5.36 and Plasma™ version 5.8.9. Earlier versions of KF5 and Plasma™ might work as well but have not been tested.

Smb4K build depends on:

  • QtCore, QtGui, QtWidgets, QtTest, QtNetwork, QtPrintSupport, QtQml

  • KConfig, KAuth, KDocTools, KIconThemes, KWidgetsAddons, KI18n, KCompletion, KCoreAddons, Solid, KIO, KNotifications, KXmlGui, KJobWidgets, KWallet, KDBusAddons, KConfigWidgets, KNotifications, KWindowSystem

  • libsmbclient

It also runtime depends on:

To enable full functionality, you may also want to install these programs:

The full list of changes can be found in the Git log at A summary can be found in the ChangeLog file in the tarball.