Loan Tracking

Tellico supports tracking loans of any entries in the collection. The Loan Dialog may be opened by using the Check-out menu item, or right-clicking on an entry. Multiple entries may be checked-out at once.

The borrower's name may be directly entered, or pulled from the default KDE address book by clicking on the button next to the name entry. The check-out date is assumed to be the current date, but may be changed. The due date is optional, and other notes may be added about the loan.

If a due date is entered, and Tellico is compiled with libkcal support, a loan reminder may be added to the default KDE calendar as a To-Do item. KOrganizer can be used to view those items.

When an entry is checked-out, the Loaned field is set to true. If no loaned field exists in the collection, one is added. Do not modify that field directly! Entries on-loan may be checked-in using the menu item, or right-clicking on an entry in the Loan View.

The Tellico Loan Dialog