Actions Options

Replay actions on an item selected from history

If this is switched on, selecting an item from the history causes Klipper to display the actions pop-up on that item, if appropriate.

Remove white space when executing actions

If selected, any white space (spaces, tabs, etc.) at the beginning and end of the clipboard contents will be removed before passing the clipboard contents to an application. This is useful, for example, if the clipboard contains a URL with spaces which, if opened by a web browser, would cause an error.

Enable MIME-based actions

If selected, in addition to the actions you defined a list of applications for the detected MIME type will appear in the popup menu.

Editing Expressions/Actions

On the Actions page, double-click the regular expression or action that you want to edit or select it and press the Edit Action button. A dialog will appear in which the expression text can be edited as you wish.

Adding Expressions/Actions

Click the Add Action... button to add a regular expression for Klipper to match. Klipper uses Qt™'s QRegularExpression, which uses PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions).

You can add a description of the regular expression type (e.g. HTTP URL) by left clicking in the Description column.


You can find detailed information about the use of QRegularExpression regular expressions in the Qt upstream documentation.

Edit the regular expression as described above. To add a command to execute, click Add Command and edit the command in an in-place text editing box. Double-clicking on a command allows you to edit it.

Note that %s in the command line is replaced with the clipboard contents, e.g. if your command definition is kwrite %s and your clipboard contents are /home/phil/textfile, the command kwrite /home/phil/textfile will be run. To include %s in the command line, escape it with a backslash, as so: \%s.


Brings up the Disable Actions for windows of type WM_CLASS dialog.

Some programs, such as Konqueror, use the clipboard internally. If you get unwanted Klipper pop-ups all the time when using a certain application, do the following:

  1. Open the application.

  2. From a terminal, run xprop | grep WM_CLASS and then click on the window of the application you are running.

  3. The first string after the equals sign is the one to enter.

Once the WM_CLASS is added, no more actions will be generated for windows of that application.