Chapter 2. Main Functions

Viewing the Log

KWatchGnuPG's main function is of course to present the GnuPG debugging and logging information to the user. The main window is divided into a large text viewing area, where GnuPG messages will appear as they are generated, a toolbar giving quick access to the most often needed functions, as well as the obligatory menu bar.

Each line in the text view is normally prefixed with a FD identifier and a time stamp in ISO format. The FD identifier can be used to distinguish between output from different GnuPG instances running in parallel. Following the timestamp is the name of the component that is the source of the log line, together with some internal information in sqare brackets, followed by the original debugging or log output as printed by the component.

By default, the number of log lines that are kept in the history is limited to 10000 lines. You can configure the history size in the configuration dialog.