Toolbars Configuration

KOrganizer has four toolbars: a Main toolbar (with New Event, New To-do, New Journal, Back, Forward, Today, Day and Week buttons), a Views toolbar (for selecting between Agenda, Month View, Timeline, To-do List and Journal views), a Schedule toolbar (with Publish Item Information, Send Invitations to Attendees, Send Status Update and Address Book buttons) and a Filters toolbar, which allows you to choose a filter for the KOrganizer views and manage the view filters as well. You can customize these toolbars in various ways: you can add new icons, change the icon size, change toolbar position and add text description to the icons.

There are two ways to change the position of the toolbars:

  • You can right click the toolbar to bring up the Toolbar Menu. The icon size and text position can also be adjusted from this menu.

  • If a toolbar is unlocked, you can simply drag the toolbar by the handle on the left border of each toolbar, and drop it whenever you wish. Also look at other easy drag-and-drop operations.

The toolbars are configured in two places:

  • The tool set is configured in the SettingsConfigure Toolbars... menu item.

  • The graphic style (icon size, text position, etc.) is adjusted through the Toolbar Context Menu. Right click the toolbar to access this menu.

Configure Toolbars Dialog

This dialog allows you to customize the selection of tools on the toolbar. Open it choosing the Settings Configure Toolbars... menu item.

Choosing the toolbar

First you need to choose the toolbar that you want to modify. All actions apply to the toolbar that is selected from the drop down menu at the top of the window.

Available Actions

There are two rectangles below the toolbar title: Available actions and Current actions. Using the left and right arrows (located between the rectangles) you can move icons from the Available actions group to the Current actions group. The toolbar will have every icon that is in the Current actions box. The up and down arrows allow you to reposition an icon.

The buttons below the Current actions list allows you to change the icon and the text of a button. In the Change Text dialog you can select Hide text when toolbar shows text alongside icons to save space in this mode so that all buttons are visible.


Remember that less icons may be better, because the screen is less busy and therefore it is easier to find the toolbar buttons you actually use. For instance if you always cut and paste with the keyboard hotkeys, you do not need the Cut, Copy and Paste icons.

Toolbar Context Menu

This menu allows you to change the look of the toolbars. Right click the toolbar to access this menu.

Show Text

If text is shown alongside icons choose if the text of the button is displayed.

Text Position

Initially, icons have text alongside each icon. You may prefer having text under each icon. You can also have plain texts without any icons or icons only.

Icon Size

You can change the size of the icons. Make your choice between small, medium, large and huge icons.

Lock Toolbar Position

If you unlock a toolbar, you can move the toolbar to the top, bottom, left, right side or even outside the main KOrganizer window.