Chapter 2. Compatibility Issues

Table of Contents

Outlook and Exchange

This chapter provides help with how to make Kontact communicate effectively with various groupware solutions.

Outlook and Exchange

In the Kontact configuration dialog, under MailMisc on the Invitations page you will find the following options that will help the user communicate with Microsoft Outlook(tm) running in a Kolab environment or in a Microsoft Exchange(tm) environment.

Mangle From:/To: headers in replies to invitations

Enable this option to make Microsoft Outlook(tm) understand your answers to invitation replies.

Microsoft Outlook has a number of shortcomings in its implementation of the iCalendar standard; this option works around one of them. If you have problems with Outlook users not being able to get your replies, try setting this option.

Details: When mailing an iCal invitation this makes the message have the From: header the same as the To: header. It also sets header X-KMail-Identity to the To:'s UIOD and makes sure the BCC: is blank. Outlook will only understand the reply if the From: header is the same as the To: header of the invitation message.

Send invitations in the mail body

Invitations are normally sent as attachments to a mail. This switch changes the invitation to be sent in the text of the mail instead; this is necessary to send invitations and replies to Microsoft Outlook. But, when you do this, you no longer get descriptive text that mail programs can read; so, to people who have email programs that do not understand the invitations, the resulting messages look very odd. People that have email programs that do understand invitations will still be able to work with this.

Details: When mailing an iCal invitation this option makes the message body from the attachment data and sets the Content-Type header to 'text/calendar; method=something; charset="utf-8"'.

Auto-sending is also turned on so there is no human intervention required for composing.


Encryption and self-signing are disabled.

Exchange-compatible invitation naming

Microsoft Outlook, when used in combination with a Microsoft Exchange(tm) server, has a problem understanding standards-compliant groupware email. Enable this option to send groupware invitations in a way that Microsoft Exchange(tm) understands. The invitation will be sent as an attachment with name ical.ics.

Details: When mailing an iCal invitation this makes the message have the subject "(Declined|Tentative|Accepted|Delegated): subject". The invitation will be sent as an attachment with name ical.ics.

Outlook compatible invitation reply comments

When the user provides comments when responding to invitations, send the comment in a form that Microsoft Outlook(tm) understands. If this option is not enabled, the response comments will not be seen in Outlook.

Details: When answering the invitation comments will be sent as a DESCRIPTION iCal property instead of the COMMENT iCal property (in violation of RFC2446).