Chapter 1. Introduction

KonsoleKalendar is a command line interface to calendars. It lets you view, insert, remove, or modify calendar events by way of the command line or from a scripting language. Additionally, KonsoleKalendar can create a new calendar, export a calendar to a variety of other formats, and import another calendar.

In its basic mode, KonsoleKalendar displays the list of events in your default calendar for the current day (from 7:00 to 17:00).

Main features of KonsoleKalendar:

  • View calendar entries from a start date/time to end date/time

  • Insert (add) calendar entries

  • Remove (delete) calendar entries

  • Modify (change) calendar entries

  • Create a new calendar

  • Export calendar entries to other file formats

  • Import an existing calendar

KonsoleKalendar is not another graphical user interface to a KDE calendar (i.e. KOrganizer). KonsoleKalendar is intended solely for uses where a graphical user interface is not practical or possible.

KonsoleKalendar does not provide a full-featured language for making queries of the user's calendar: nor is it the intention of the authors to ever write such a capability. Primitive command line options are provided for accessing calendar events within a consecutive range of dates/time stamps.