Chapter 2. Features

In this chapter you'll learn about the main features of KonsoleKalendar and how to control them using the command line parameters (remember that KonsoleKalendar is not a graphical user interface; it is a command line program only).

You'll learn about inserting, deleting, and changing calendar events, and how to export events to other file formats. The creation and importation of calendars will also be covered in this chapter.

Viewing Events

In its default mode, or by using the --view option, KonsoleKalendar will list all events within the range of a specified date/time.

To view all of today's events (from 7:00 to 17:00), simply run:

% konsolekalendar

In this next example, we view all events for the week of August 18-22:

% konsolekalendar --view --date 2016-08-18  --end-date 2016-08-22

Show the next event(s) on the calendar from the current time forward:

% konsolekalendar --next

To view all events for the next 5 days run:

% konsolekalendar --show-next 5