Creating a New Calendar File

KonsoleKalendar can be used to create new calendars from existing files. You can create the calendar using the option --create with the filename as argument. The file must be a valid iCal or vCal file.

Note: You can not use the option --dry-run to test if the resource can be created.

Note: KonsoleKalendar needs the file to work, so never delete the file by hand.

Technical sidenote: KonsoleKalendar creates with this command a new Akonadi resource pointing to this file. It does not prevent you to create multiple resources pointing to the same file.

Create a new calendar from an existing file named vacation.ics:

% konsolekalendar --create vacation.ics

The resource will be named vacation using --list-calendars

It is not possible to delete an Akonadi resource with KonsoleKalendar, you have to use KOrganizer or akonadiconsole.