Modifying Entries

KonsoleKalendar supports the modification of existing entries in a calendar file or resource using the --change command line argument. Calendar entries to be modified are specified exactly by their Unique-string identifier (UID) using the --uid option. UIDs are found by first viewing the event, using the --view, --next or --show-next options.

Changing behaves in the same way as inserting: you can change an event's start date and time, end date and time, summary, location, and description. Events successfully changed will be immediately shown modified within KDE calendar applications (KOrganizer).

Example: Here we change the summary and description of a calendar entry with UID KonsoleKalendar-1887551750.196:

% konsolekalendar --change --uid KonsoleKalendar-1887551750.196 --summary "Get my head examined" --description "don't go to that doctor anymore!"